these are some people and bands i've played with, or like, or otherwise wanted to link to.

there is also an element of unification on this page, i hope, because i seem to have fallen into 2.2 camps of local musicians, half of which have not quite heard of the other half. so i will shove them all together, with little blurbs in between to prevent breakage when this page gets jostled.

if you're not here it's because i hate you, right? no. don't think that. it's bad for your self-esteem.

Daniel Lee
Daniel Lee is a performer like no one I've seen in area local musiciandom. amazing vocals, awesome guitar, and songs to make one move. make sure you check him out.

Porter Davis
ok, to round out the Dan section, we have Austin, TX trio Porter Davis, fronted by Daniel Barrett. these guys have a mellow, melodic blues rock thing going on, and have the best ratio of big sound to equipment portability I've ever seen. Mike on percussion mananges to make you forget he's sitting on a box playing shakers and not behind a kit. they've recently picked up a harmonica player as well. go to their shows.

ilyAIMY. intensity. intelligence. acoustic thrashings. frenzied press on nails and electrical tape. kick ass chick. yeah! go to their shows.

yeah, ok, it's OWTaR now, but I liked it better with the A. Ash, Seeno, and Meezo make girls dance a lot. not much else they need to be doing, eh? they've got shows, but Ash has been off on his own a bit lately. either way, they're well worth a go.

The Making
Gavin and Dave sometimes remind me of a cross between (among?) Barenaked Ladies and Jimmy Eat World. it's solid pop with good harmonies; you should make with "the going" to their shows.

Morrigan is an incredible Virginia based singer-songwriter who i met at the Jammin Java open mic, and who i played with at a couple of shows there. beautiful songs, wonderful voice, and great stage presence. seems these days she's concentrating on her band, Waking State.

a fellow college park musician, runs the open mic at the College Perk coffeeshop here. wants me to be his bassist. he gets a link instead. shows. go.

Even So
two of the three members of this band live above college perk. one of the three is right above this link. brennan plays guitar and bass (though not at the same time) in this band. cool alt rock. go to the showz.

Adam Day
we're all scheming and conniving ways to get Adam Day to flunk out of college so he comes back to the greater DC area to play shows. his songwriting is incredible, intelligent, and catchy. He's going to go somewhere. for now, he's in Ithaca, NY. should be a good place to showcase his talents and write some more great music. i think he's having shows. GO TO THEM.

Steve Devil
geek punk folk rock at its pinnacle. he is on the "up and up", starting to play shows with a band, i hear. i blow him off every time he tries to contact me, except at open mics. i say it's not intentional. ha. sorry steve. you get a link! go to his shows.

Mike Smirnoff
this cat recently got his masters in drum performance from maryland. thus, as you might expect, he is a badass on the drums. he's playing now for stone gato and some other bands. he's rocking the full time music thing, so check out his page. he's got lots of shows. go to them.

HardHeadz are a great local hip hop band with Steve Demby, formerly of Cupajo percussion fame, on drums. his brother Jeremy's (keys) left hand is a better bass player than I am. Mike spits the rhymes and Jason lays down the guitar. go to their shows.

Stephen Fell Asunder
fortunately, we have not had the misfortune of having steve actually fall asunder during a show; this would make a terrific mess. good roots rock transplant from one or the other of the carolinas, steve's been playing shows around here and has picked up a keyboard player and percussionist, i guess. shows await your going.

Nefrit El-Or
will the parade of amazing singer-songwriters ever end. not yet. Nefrit's guitar lets loose intense urgent chords and her vocals sail out over top. she's got herself a band now, a huge sounding three piece with a drummer and a bass player. go to her shows.

Continuous Play
another band bites the dust. they've just broken up (May 05)..
formerly "The Walk" and a foursome, Xenox, Patrick and George play fun reggae-rock-jam-emo-jazz served up with a side of a painter, at least once. we're all waiting until Valentine's day to see what entire album they will skilfully cover. these guys are serious musicians, and deserve to get lots more recognition and fan-love than they do sometimes, so... GO to their SHOWS.

The Dreamscapes Project
they have a heavy metal drummer. they have a groovy bassist. they have, oh yes, a cello. and most horrific of all, they have a Keith armed with a 12 string who tends to spout hilarity at you. they want fan-love just as much as the rest of us. go | to | their | shows.

Might Could
Might Could get a big fat award for mind bending acoustic guitar acrobatics. i think tim and andy might could be able to take turns with 256th notes and not miss a beat. you've got to see them for yourselves, and to do that, you have to go to their shows.

Sarah Fridrich
great local folk rock artist who was regrettably "denied the 'Benny Goodman' clarinet chair in her middle school band" but has turned out better for it i'm sure. in addition to her singer/songwriting, i've heard she plays a mean jazz piano, but, paradoxically, i've yet to hear that. ihe writes good songs. So, go, go, go to her shows.

K.C. Zimmerman
my sister now has a web page. She also has a blog. use caution in your browsings, because she is known to spew dangerous thoughten. Yes. She has a guitar that she doesn't yet play and Irish whistles that she does. she is a founding member of the band "Catwax" which currently has no finished songs. but, if they ever do, you know that you need to go to their shows.

Hailcon is a minimalist often electric open mic fixture around these parts. I met him first at the Java Head cafe. he disregarded my instructions to not think I hated him because he wasn't here and now he is here so it's solidly moot. if you can't make it to his shows perhaps you could find him a girl.

Cupajo. ye gods, can they really play like that? YES! Earl, John, Jason and Chris have been making energetic complex acoustic rock for years. A fan from the first time i saw them, i was lucky to fill in for Chris on bass for a few months in early 2003. since broken up ... boo

N3OX Amateur Radio
my ham radio alter ego, this doesn't count as a "friend" but it should help my amateur radio site in the google rankings... anyway, click here if you want to know about my other hobby.

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