"dan zimmerman?"

i was always a musical kid, but after a bad stint with a saxophone and something about polka, i kind of set music aside for a while. at the beginning of my junior year of college, my friend trent suggested that "we get basses" because, well, they were "pimpy". we liked to play the grooves off of the lost highway soundtrack among other things. within a few months, i was performing out. i played a bit with a singer-songwriter named Joe Macdonald, mostly at the Clarkson open mic. that spring semester i started playing in a jamband called Five Foot Fungus. we had a great time and the band did a lot for my bass playing.

i began to write some original songs of my own more or less at the same time, but my writing didn't take off until i picked up an acoustic guitar, and eventually moved to College Park, Maryland for graduate school in the fall of 2001. i frequent local open mics and play occasional gigs around the metro DC area. i've also recorded some demo tracks that i've posted on the music page.

i've had the pleasure of playing bass with some great people on the side since i've been in Maryland. i play the occasional show with ilyAIMY, and i was in Cupajo [since broken up] for a semester while their long time bassist Chris was away a'studyin' bass at Berklee. during this time, i got to open for the perpetually funky George Clinton. of course, i can't forget all of the people at open mics in the north country of new york, in maryland, and in northern virginia who i've played bass with occasionally in the past couple of years, as well as the guys from Cousin Walter and Five Foot Fungus.

i'd like to thank everyone that's been supporting me and listening to my music so far. you guys and girls are a big reason i do this. without you, i'd still suck. i'd also like to thank my uncle Chris for my guitar.

what i'm trying to do is write and perform intelligent, soulful, catchy music that says something to you. music means a lot to me, and i want to give some back. listen. sing along. pass it on to your friends. come to my shows ... um... i swear, i'll have shows.

self portrait in a toulouse hotel room

some pipes