this page is here to share songs that have managed to get some words and a name, but are in progress, dead ends, waiting for inspiration, whatever. some of them may never be finished. part of the reason why they're here is so that I don't forget them...


capture light in a bubble
solidify, freezing troubles out
i won't lie, it's gonna be a long line tonight

inside of you, chapters forming
slip into plain clothes performing
by candlelight, you smile like you wanna be framed

realign every allegiance
express myself in terms of demons
it's dignified, but only if you know me quite well

and the rain leaves drops of light
hanging on the window
it's a fine kind of starshine surrogate for this cloudy sky
as the droplets coalesce, chase each other down and merge to one
you're flowing up against me
you take all my senses and line them in a row
and you topple them like dominoes



ooh simplicity
let's make things complicated
on top of goodbye
you layer see you later

i'm preserving solitude
under pain of disaster

there's a belt of bright lights shiver starshine isn't warm it isn't warm enough for this year's reunion

and don't say nothing wrong
and don't stay out too long
till he's gone

till he's gone and you've made it
on top of your only speaking part
you're afraid you might say it

but it remains to be said,
and if it dies where you left it...
streets with sheets of rain, living with the pain, can it be explained


{why I sing}

detuned alabaster
no one knows where they got their name
they're a sonic disaster
the paint peels every time they play

an exclusive engagement
every saturday at four
in jonathan's basement
cause that's what saturdays are for

and the moral of the story is that nothing can ever take the place
of a hole in the silence that you put there with six strings a guitar or a bass
and if you tell me that i sing too much, well my friend
i'm taking in oxygen and i damn well better give something back again

you got me a screen door
and i slammed it in your face
i got you a mortal coil
and it was nice and springy



low lights blur the lines, careless with the boy you've been
slapping down the words, writing live amphetamine
sleeping off a dare, radiate like radio waves into the air
it's not your fault

that she's gone left you for seratonin
and the amazing lives of other men you think she owns them
like she owned you and you're going to drive until you break , break

and you wonder if the needle goes all the way
yeah if the speed demons can come out and play
and you'll wonder if plastic might have saved
if Detroit steel stone carved your name

and you're still inside where they left you
and the jaws of life were too slow to sever
your new cage and you have to wonder
if all you needed was some luck and some acetylene


{antares (chorus)}

i wish i was an old cold alien star
shining on the back of your neck
through a four by something window
in your ten by something bedroom

i wish i was a violin on fire
i'd play while i burned, i'd burn while i played
and you'd hear each note that much more beautifully
cause you'd think it would be my last

i wish i was an old cold alien star
shining on the back of your hand
if you'd just notice me there i know you'd be the one for



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copyright 2003 daniel s. zimmerman